Midland Counties Photographic Federation

This an annual publication that contains the following:  (The information in the G&D is correct at the time of going to print)
Rules of the MCPF
What the MCPF is about
Notes on copyright, copying and digital imaging
Notes on Insurance
Health and Safety
Full list of Council and Appointments
Full list of all Clubs/Societies, their meeting places and contact details of Secretaries
List of MCPF Judges
List of MCPF Lecturers

A copy is sent to all club Secretaries, Judges and Lecturers free of charge, further copies are available from the MCPF General Secretary for a small administration fee plus postage

Changes at Your Club

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The MCPF uses email as it’s primary form of correspondence.  If you do not have an email information about events and meetings will be sent to your club secretary.

We would prefer that Clubs update their information via the Guide & Directory Update Page
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If you want some help using the new database you can open a Help file  by clicking HERE

or use this form below to notify the MCPF Record Secretary of any changes in your Committee or delegates or email them direct to the MCPF Record Secretary Alison Fryer email: mcpfrecordsec@mcpf.co.uk

Data entered into “Changes at Club” form are emailed directly to the General Secretary
 and not stored on the site nor its the server.

At present this form is designed for changes in individual member on your committee or organisation ie Joe Bloggs has taken over the position of General Secretary.  The form  cannot be used for multiple changes in personnel, ie your club has changed it’s Competition Secretary and Treasurer, in these circumstances please email the details to the General Secretary.  Remember to include your club name and it would be helpful if all the contact details are submitted especially an email address.

Guide and Directory